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FREE Halloween Sign SVG Cutting File

free halloween sign svg cutting file

The Summer flew by this year and Fall is nearly upon us already! Eek! No need to panic though, as I have a cute and FREE halloween sign svg cutting file to jumpstart your Halloween crafting! This sign is cheap, quick, and best of all – easy! You will only need the free halloween sign svg cutting file, a wooden board, and your cutting machine with vinyl colors of choice!

Putting your Halloween sign together:

  1. Load up the free halloween sign svg cutting file into your cutting software. Resize and move the different elements around until you are happy with the size and placement in relation to YOUR piece of board!
  2. Place vinyl color pieces onto cutting mat based on your layout on your screen in the cutting software and cut the design.
  3. Carefully remove your design from the cutting mat with a vinyl transfer paper and place firmly onto your board. Peel back the transfer paper and voila! (To make sure your design is straight on the board, use a ruler before transferring the design pieces and draw a thin straight line with a pencil. Gently erase line once design is set.)

You can either lay your sign up against something or pick up a set of sawtooth photo brackets (usually very cheap and under $1!) to hang it up on the wall! In the end, the most important thing is that YOU love it! 🙂

free halloween sign svg cutting file


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