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FREE Halloween SVG Text And Glitter Wine Glass Vinyl Tutorial!

FREE Halloween SVG

Everyone knows that being a werewolf is very hard work. While all of that is very rewarding, sometimes a girl just needs to relax amongst her glitter and wine! For those who completely understand the glamorous werewolf lifestyle or just want something extra cute and unique this Halloween, I have a fun FREE Halloween SVG & tutorial for you!

What you will need: 

1. A plain, blank, glass of choice. It can be any type of drinking glass if you do not wish to use a wine glass! Make sure the glass is clean and free of any other designs before you begin.

FREE Halloween SVG


2. Mod Podge (or preferred sealer) and your glitter of choice. I used Mod Podge Glossy for this and an ultra-fine glitter for even more sparkle!

FREE Halloween SVG


3. A paintbrush or sponge-brush for applying the sealer. I used a 1 inch sponge-brush for my glass!

4. Last, but not least, you will need the FREE Halloween SVG text & your cutting machine, software, and vinyl color of choice!

How to assemble:

Step 1. Turn your glass upside down so that the stem is in the air. Dip your paintbrush or sponge-brush into the sealer and lather the stem or desired glittering area up! Don’t be afraid to apply a decent amount – you don’t want all of the glitter to fall off in the next step! *If you prefer to have more accuracy and straightness for the glitter line, use scotch tape as a border before you apply any of the Mod Podge.*

FREE Halloween SVG

2. Before the sealer dries, drop your glitter over all of the areas where you placed the sealer. Be sure to cover the surface entirely and shake the excess glitter off of the glass gently as you go. Once the glitter is distributed, allow the sealer to dry with the glitter (I waited about an hour for mine to dry but this will depend on how much of the sealer you used and the brand). If there are spots without glitter after drying, re-apply more sealer and glitter to those areas and let dry once more!

3. Once everything is completely dried, you will need to apply a thick coat of the sealer overtop the entire glittered area of your glass. This will keep the glitter from falling off during use and cleaning. I applied two coats of the finish for my glass.

4. With the glitter portion of your glass finished, it’s time to move on to the FREE Halloween SVG and vinyl application! Load up the SVG into your cutting software and adjust to your glass measurements. The term and definition may be separated so that you can change it to fit your needs perfectly. To measure my glass, I placed it in front of me and measured around the portion that was visible to my eye only – this way when the text is wrapped, it is still readable without having to turn the glass around!

5. Once your design is sized and ready in the program, load the cutting mat with your vinyl color of choice and cut! I used a silver metallic vinyl for my glass that shines like metal in the light and is dark enough to read.

6. Using a transfer tape, cover the design on the cutting mat and lift away gently. Weed areas as needed before placing onto your glass! Place and smoothen the vinyl onto your glass. (If you need a guide to make sure the design goes on straight, fill your glass with water up to where you’d like the bottom of your design to reach for an easy & straight placement line.) With curved surfaces, it’s always easier to place the vinyl designs down with its center first and then follow with a pat down of the sides last. Remove the tape, leaving the design on your glass, and smooth out any creases as needed. And you’re done!

Time to kick back, relax, glitter & glam with your dazzling self! 🙂

FREE Halloween SVG


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    September 10, 2015 at 8:22 pm

    Super neat project! Wish I had a cutting machine.

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