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How to make a ribbon hair bow with a feltie!

I’m here again with another great way to use those felties you have been stitching out on your embroidery machine! This is one of my favorite uses for felties because it ends up making something that is both super cute and wearable at the same time! Ready to learn how to make a ribbon hair bow with a feltie? 🙂

This tutorial is a little brief in terms of putting the actual ribbon pieces together for the bow so be sure to piece the ribbon bow parts together ahead of time! The bow style I am using is called a layered flower bow, where you essentially take four strips of two different ribbons – the bottom layer strips are cut at 7 inches and the top layer strips are cut at 6 inches long. Stack the four strips for each of the ribbons atop each other and fan them out into an asterisk form before you fold the ends into the center and secure with a needle and thread. Lets get started!

What you will need:

  • Ribbon bow layers or parts
  • Blank hair clip or barrette
  • Feltie embroidery
  • Glue gun

Here is an idea of what your main hair bow components should look like:

How to make a ribbon hair bow with a feltie

First things first, we need to put the bow pieces together! With your glue gun, add a good amount of glue onto the center of the bottom ribbon layer (make sure you do this on the side that does not have all of the ribbon ends gathered – the center should look smooth and clean like mine).

How to make a ribbon hair bow with a feltie

Once the glue is in place, quickly orient and place your top ribbon layer onto the glue. Press firmly for a few seconds to make sure the glue sticks to both layers.

How to make a ribbon hair bow with a feltie

Now it’s time to add on that feltie! As before with the bottom layer, add a decent amount of glue to the center of the top ribbon layer.

How to make a ribbon hair bow with a feltie

Place your feltie down onto the glued area and press until secure.

How to make a ribbon hair bow with a feltie

Lastly, glue your hair clip or barrette onto the back of your ribbon bow and press until fastened completely. Tadaaa! Now you have an adorable and highly stylish ribbon bow complete with a fun feltie! With all of the ribbon and feltie embroidery design options out there, the possibilities are really endless. What are you waiting for? Get crafting and have some fun with felt! 🙂

Here is a look at my finished fairytale themed bow! This pumpkin carriage feltie embroidery design I used in the tutorial is available over at the Happily After Designs shop if you happen to be interested in it!

How to make a ribbon hair bow with a feltie


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