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ITH Bobby Pin Feltie Embroidery Tutorial – Happily After Designs Blog

ITH Bobby Pin Feltie Embroidery Tutorial



Ever wonder what else you can do with all of the feltie embroidery designs that you have collected over time?  Maybe you want to save some money and not buy anymore designs. We started a series of ITH embroidery tutorials just for that!  If you’ve missed our first post check it out here.

In this tutorial we’ll show you step-by-step on how to take one of our own feltie designs and attach it to a bobby pin.  It’s very easy and takes no time at all!

So lets gather our supplies…


Tools Needed To Create Bobby Pin



There are some very basic tools and items that you’ll need in order to create your bobby pin so lets go over the list:


So lets get started…


Preparing The Stitched Out Feltie Embroidery Design


Use Cutting Pen to Make SlitUse Sharp Scissors to Make Slit


After you have stitched out a feltie design that you would want to turn into a bobby pin feltie make a small slit on the back of it.  Use either sharp scissors or cutting pen to do this.  Be sure to only make the slit on the backing otherwise you’ll end up cutting through to the front of the feltie.


Tiny Cut Enough For Bobby Pin



Make a slit close to the size shown in the picture to the left.





Second Cut and Slide Bobby Pin



Make a second cut on the opposite side of the feltie and insert the bobby pin’s rigid side through and out of it.




Does Yours Look Like This?


Finished ITH Bobby Pin Feltie




This is how your feltie should look like in the end!





Your bobby pin feltie is complete!

It’s all done!  That wasn’t too difficult was it?  There are so many other things you can do with felties and we plan on continuing with our ITH embroidery tutorials.


Stay tuned…



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