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ITH Feltie Embroidery Design – Ornaments

ith feltie embroidery design

Hey there! I’m back yet again with another fun and unique way to use that ITH feltie embroidery design that you may have lying around or are interested in starting a project with! This one is sure to get you in the festive mood whether you are already there or still reluctant to ring in the holiday. 😉  Get ready to make an adorable feltie ornament! You will only need a small handful of supplies to create this ornament and most of it you likely already have. Let’s take a look at those supplies now!

What you will need:

  • ITH feltie embroidery design (Here is the ITH feltie embroidery design I used, available at my shop. Feel free to use any ITH feltie you’d like, though! Just make sure it’s about 1.5 inches or less in size.)
  • Blank tree ornament (I found this super cute mason jar ornament at Walmart but you should be able to find plenty of other ones at your local craft stores.)
  • Thin fishing line & large sewing needle (Found, you guessed it, in the fishing section. Just a nice thin fishing line spool is all you need here, nothing special!)
  • Glitter (I always prefer a thin/fine glitter but any would be fine. Just make sure you have enough to cover HALF of your ornament.)
  • Preferred adhesive (I used an embroidery basting spray – you can pick one of those up at Walmart too!)

Here is a quick look at my supplies:

ITH Feltie Embroidery Design

Let’s get this ornament started, shall we?


Step one:

With your chosen adhesive, apply an ample amount of it to the inside of your ornament. You want to be sure to only coat half of your ornament with the adhesive. This will leave an open half where the feltie can be easily seen once the ornament is complete. For my ornament, I took off the top area and the bottom (since I was using a mason jar ornament) and laid my blank ornament down onto my workspace. I then gently, in very small bursts, sprayed only the half that was lying down – leaving the top half completely unsprayed. Once your adhesive is applied, pour glitter into the ornament and close it up before giving it a good shake! Once it looks like the glitter is fully covering half of your ornament, open it up and dump the excess glitter out. You may need to repeat the spraying and glittering if the coverage looks thin after the first time. (Alternatively, you could apply the glitter to the outside half of the ornament instead but keep in mind the mess glitter might leave when you touch the ornament!)

Here is the spray I used for this tutorial – it’s cheap and most of us with an embroidery machine already have it on-hand!

ITH Feltie Embroidery Design

Your ornament should now look something like mine. One half of the ornament is coated in a solid layer of glitter while the other half is clean, clear, and blank! I used a white glitter so it’s a little hard to see completely from this photo unfortunately. 

ITH Feltie Embroidery Design

Step Two:

Now that the glitter part is over with, it’s time to move on to the placement of the feltie inside of the ornament! For this, take a small amount of your thin fishing line (about 6-8 inches or so is good just to be sure) and thread one end through a sewing needle. Very carefully, pull your needle and the thread through the top of the feltie so that one end of the fishing line is coming up through the front and the other through the back of the feltie. Once the feltie is threaded, gently squeeze or place the feltie into the ornament and leave the ends of the fishing line sticking out of the top. Once you have your feltie “floating” at the height you desire, place the cap back on – right over the excess line sticking out. Trim the leftover line and enjoy your cute new floating feltie ornament! Alternatively, if your fishing line is thin enough, you can thread the line through the feltie just by poking it through by hand! No needles necessary! 

Here is how my ornament looked after placing the cap back on with the excess line sticking out. 

ITH Feltie Embroidery Design

Here is a closeup of my ornament so that you can see the “invisible” line inside holding the feltie up! 

ITH Feltie Embroidery Design

I hope you enjoyed this quick feltie tutorial/idea! Your ornament doesn’t have to end here though, get creative and have fun with it! I ended up adding a ribbon bow to the top and some cute SVG vinyl snowflakes stickers around both the back & top of my ornament. If you choose and animal feltie, you could add paper grass to bottom and so much more to make this little ornament really shine. Be sure to share your ornament with me once you design it! I’d love to see what other feltie ornaments might be hanging about. 😉

ITH Feltie Embroidery Design

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