ITH Feltie Ornament Tutorial


Now that Thanksgiving is over with and Christmas is around the corner it’s time to decorate the tree!  What better way to add your own style to the tree than by creating customizable ornaments with an embroidery machine.  ITH feltie ornaments are very easy and fast to stitch out and you’ll have your tree decorated in no time.


ITH Feltie & Tools

ITH Ornament Tools


So, in order to get started you’ll need a few things.  The first thing is a feltie design, such as the ITH mushroom feltie design that we are going to use in this tutorial.  A single hole punch for so we can attach the ribbon.  We have the Fiskars 1/8 Inch Circle Punch from Amazon (http://amzn.to/1ygsecH).  Finally, we’ll use a white colored ribbon for hanging the ornament.  We recommend using the Offray Dainty Double Face Satin Craft Ribbon (http://amzn.to/1rTDPwI).


Hole Punching The Feltie

ITH Feltie Ornament Hole Punch


Place the feltie in the hole punch and line it up in a convenient spot preferably in the top-middle region.  This will make sure the feltie ornament is balanced correctly when hanging on a tree.


ITH Feltie Ornament Hole



Attaching The Ribbon

Cut enough ribbon that it will allow the ornament to hang nicely.  I cut about 9 inches of ribbon, because we are going to fold it in half before attaching it to the feltie.


Folding The Ribbon




Fold the ribbon into a loop in half.







Insert Folded Ribbon Into Feltie Hole



Insert the opened ends of ribbon first through the  punched hole about half of the ribbon.








Push Ends Through Feltie



Push the ribbon ends through the open loop of the other half of the ribbon.








Pell ends through and tighten




Pull the ribbon ends and tighten securely.








Tightened Ribbon Loop



Ribbon and ornament feltie should look like the picture on the left after tightening.








Loop Ribbon Ends Into Knot



Loop and tie the ends into a knot together so it can be attached to a branch on the christmas tree.






Final Results!


After tying the ends together into a knot we have our ITH feltie ornament ready to be hanged on a christmas tree!


Finished Feltie Ornament

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