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Reversible Seasonal Sign Tutorial with FREE SVG!

reversible sign tutorial

You may have spotted those super cute reversible wooden signs floating around lately – whether it’s on Pinterest or other social media feeds. If you’d love to make one for yourself, then you have come to the right place as I have a wonderful reversible seasonal sign tutorial! These signs are actually very easy and quick to put together, plus it doesn’t take too many supplies to do it!

What you will need:

  • Scrap wood – I used a 1×4 piece of wood cut into (6) pieces
  • Nails/Hammer – I used a total of (8) nails
  • Paint of choice – Be sure to use a weather resistant paint if you plan on placing this decor outdoors!
  • *Optional* My FREE SVG cutting file with the different face parts such as buttons eyes and carrot nose – You may also free-hand paint the details if you prefer

The first thing you need to do is decide on how large you’d like your reversible sign to be. I ended up cutting all of my pieces to be around 15 inches in length. You will need (6) pieces total – four for the main face areas and two for the hat trims. Do not worry or stress about getting all of your pieces cut completely straight and perfect, mix-matched ends add tons of charm and uniqueness!

Once your six board pieces are cut, lay four of them next to each other vertically and then lay another across the top of these four horizontally. Hammer in one nail at a time across the boards for a total of four nails on one side. Turn your sign over and repeat on the other side with the remaining piece of wood. There will be eight nails used in total and your sign should now look like mine below:

reversible sign tutorial

With your boards all attached and secure, it’s now time to really get to work on getting these guys looking season-ready! The first thing that needs to be done here is getting down your base layers of paint. Depending on what you are doing for your seasonal characters (I chose scarecrow and snowman) paint the two sides accordingly. I used a black hat for each to make things even easier and more seamless! You may also paint little details as I did with the scarecrow hay on the hat once the base layers are dry. Once you have the main portions ready, start designing the faces. The faces are the main attraction here and add all of the character to these guys so have fun with it and get creative! In my free SVG file, you will find the button eyes, carrot nose, cheek blush, and smiles that were all used to make my boards! Just load the SVG up, ungroup the layers, and resize as needed for your dimensions. Alternatively, you may create your own vinyl SVG’s or hand-paint all of the details!

Here is how my sign came out in the end! Pretty cute, right? 😉

reversible sign tutorial


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