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Advent Calendar SVG Tutorial + Free Box SVG

svg tutorial

With December finally hereĀ and Christmas just around the corner, I thought it might be fun to put together a little something that is both cute and yummy at the same time! šŸ˜‰ Every year I look at the advent calendars on display in the stores but I never end up purchasing any due to the ingredients and lack of variation in the chocolates. Plus, they never look as festiveĀ or inviting with the flatness of the boxes and teeny tiny areas holding the candies. I feel like an advent calendar, which is a month-long celebration, should be huge & decorative – fill with all sorts of candies! And that’s where my advent calendar SVG tutorial comes in. šŸ™‚ I was able to craft up a unique and adorable advent calendar over the weekend using materials that I mostly had on-hand already and I’d love to share how I did it (plus I’m including a free SVG of my open box drawers)!


What you will need:

  • Wooden boards for the base shelving (I used)
  • My free SVG box cutting file (or your own boxes) sized to fit your shelf
  • Pre-cut numbers ranging from 1 to 25
  • Glue or tape (for the numbers and box construction)
  • Nails & hammer for shelf construction
  • Candy or prizes for 25 days (the best part!)


Here’s a look inside one of the drawers in my advent calendar:

svg tutorial


Let’s get cuttin’ and craftin’!

Step One

Measure and cut your boards as desired. I used boards that were about 1/2 inch thick and a little over 3 inches wide. For building my shelving unit, I used eight board piecesĀ total. They were cut in the following lengths: (2) 19 inch long boards for the sides, (2) 16.5 inch long boards for the top & bottom, (4) 15 inch long boards for the inside shelves. I placed the top and bottom boards on the outside, with the side boards sitting on the insides. I then nailed in the four inner shelves, equally spacing them 3 inches apart starting from the top of the bottom board piece to the bottom of the first shelf piece.

Here is my snazzy little stack of boards before I nailed them together:

svg tutorial

Step Two

Time to cut some boxes to fill your new shelf with!Ā Make sure you cut your boxes according to your shelf size. I wanted to fit 5 boxes onto 5 shelving tops so I sized mine accordingly. If you went along with my shelf dimensions, you will need to resize and cutĀ box templates that are 7.871 inches (tall) x 7.869 inches (wide) in your cutting machine software. This will make boxes with sides that are all about 2.5 inches. You will want to make sure your boxes will fit on the shelf side-by-side but still with a little bit of breathing room to slide them in and out easily. For the box construction, simply fold the flaps with the perforated edges and glue or tape them until all of the sides are connected with only the tops of the boxes open.

Step Three

(Optional) In your cutting software using your text tool, create numbers that range from 1-25 to cut and place onto the fronts of the boxes. Make sure these numbers are sized to fit your box dimensions. All of my numbers ended up being around 2 inches or less in size with varying heights and widths for a more unique touch! Attach the numbers with glue or tape and enjoy your new advent calendar bins!


After the shelf is ready, fill those bins! Each day brings a new treat and surprise all throughout December so be sure to mix up the contents of the drawers and add all sorts of fun goodies to be picked out. šŸ˜‰ I used many different types of chocolates and candies in mine but feel free to place toys, erasers, or anything else you know that someone would enjoy retrieving on a given day! There are so many ways you can customize this little shelf, from paints to handles on the bins – have fun and get creative with your SVG advent calendar!


svg tutorial

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