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How to Craft Felt Bookmarks with Feltie Embroidery Designs

Felt Bookmarks

I hope you are ready to get crafty because it’s that time again! I’m backĀ to show yet another useful way those machine embroidered in the hoop felties can be put to use. šŸ™‚ This time around, we are going to be making felt bookmarks! I know it doesn’t sound entirely exciting but bear with me. Felt bookmarks are great for more than just being page-savers for a good book – they are also a super useful tool if you are into planners when used asĀ planner page markers!Ā Being made of felt, rather than paper, your little feltie felt bookmarks come out durable and will last for the many uses to come. Let’s get started on them!


What you will need:

  • A feltie embroidery design fully stitched out and ready (I use the “mini” sized felties from my designs but any 1 inch feltie will work for this!)
  • Small scrap piece of felt that matches the back of your feltie
  • Glue gun
  • Paperclip

(You may find the butterfly feltie and teacup feltieĀ used in this tutorial over at the HADĀ shop!)

Felt Bookmarks

Step One:

Using the felt matching the backside of your chosen feltie(s), cut a small strip that will not stick out over the edges of your feltie. Make sure the stripĀ you cut is small enough to cover the tip of the paperclip only – you do not have to cut a large piece for this to work and doing so may only make your felt bookmarks bulkier!

My small scrap strip fits the back of my feltie perfectly without any overlapping.

Felt Bookmarks

Step Two:

Using your glue gun, place a small dot of glue onto the center-bottom area of your feltie. Immediately press the paperclip onto the glue before it dries. Add another small dot of glue over the paperclip and cover it with your felt strip. Be sure to gently press the pieces together as flat as you can get them.

That’s it! You should now have aĀ superĀ cute & finished felt bookmark made with your feltie! Pretty easy, huh?

My finished felt bookmarks! šŸ™‚

Felt Bookmarks

(As a side note: If you are looking for a feltie to get started on this project right away, without having to purchase one, I frequently featureĀ free feltie designs as the weekly freebie. If you don’t feel like waiting for one to pop up, there is also a BC Awareness feltie in the free downloads section of the Happily After Designs website. šŸ™‚ )


As always, be sure to share what you’ve made with me either here or over on the Happily After Designs Facebook page! IĀ always love to see what you come with! šŸ™‚

felt bookmarks

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