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How to Make Printable Coloring Masks

Hi all! I’d like to share my own methods for printing, coloring & cutting out the printable coloring masks available in the Hungry Panda Supplies (HPS) shop! Here’s a link to the tiger mask I will be using.

What you will need to begin crafting:

  • Scissors
  • Hole Puncher
  • Crayons/Markers/Coloring Pencils etc.
  • *Cutting Pen (Optional – see steps for more info!)

Step One – Color in the mask before any cutting is involved. This makes thing so much easier as opposed to cutting first and then trying to color. I always prefer coloring pencils but that’s just me! Be creative and use anything you’d like that will work with the paper you are using.


Step One Printable Coloring Masks


Here is the finished colored look of my printable tiger mask!

Tiger Printable Coloring Masks
Step Two – Use a small hole puncher (or large if need be) to punch out the holes that are on both sides of the mask. The holes are always already mapped out for HPS masks so that all you need to do is line up your puncher and make the holes!

Tiger Printable Coloring Masks


Tadaaaaa! Holes are now punched.

Tiger Coloring Mask

Step Three (A) – There are two ways to go about cutting out the eyes for the mask. The first way I am going to show you is with scissors. Taking your pair of scissors in one hand and your mask in the other, gently poke a hole through the center of one of the eyes with the tip of the scissors. Be careful not to bend or crease the mask while doing this!

Printable Tiger Mask


Step Four (A) – After the hole has been made, slip your scissors into the hole and cut a line just to the edge of where the eye ends. Carefully turn the mask and continue cutting, this time around the edge of the white eye space until entire eye is cut out.



Tiger Printable Coloring Mask


*Step 3 (B) – Now I am going to show you how to cut out the eyes if you happen to have a cutting pen tool. I personally love this method most because of the precision involved as opposed to when I use scissors. Lay the mask down flat on a surface. Place the pen tip at the outermost edge of the eye, while holding the mask securely with your other hand, and press down while moving the pen around the entire eye area. I like to rotate the mask as I go, cutting in small parts rather than one fluid motion.

Tiger Printable Coloring Mask


This is how the cut looks with the pen tool:


Printable Tiger Mask


Here is the final mask cut showing the eyes after being cut both ways as a comparison – on the left is the pen tool and on the right is the scissors cut :

Tiger Mask

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