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How to Use Applique – A Handy Project Idea List

How to Use Applique

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Whether you are just starting to pick up machine embroidery, or have been at it for quite some time, there’s always room for more fun project ideas when it comes to applique. Embroidering with applique, in most cases, is a fun, easy, and quick way to customize and create something truly unique! I personally love how applique is essentially a tool that you use in combination with your imagination and creativity to design a project that is sure to amaze. Coming to the decision on what project to make, however, can sometimes prove more difficult than it sounds! There is still not a whole lot of ideas out there project-wise when it comes to applique (even Pinterest comes up short) so it may be hard to envision what an applique may look great on other than your typical shirt or dish towel. That is why I went ahead and put together a list to get you started on how to use applique!


How to Use Applique

Here is my compiled list of the many ways on how to use applique when you work with your embroidery machine! I will be sure to update this list if any other applique craft ideas come to mind or if you have any suggestions for the list leave a comment below and let me know. 🙂 Typically, any material that can fit comfortably under your machine is likely a good applique candidate but always think ahead on the look of the final piece before you start!

  1. Clothing – Add an embroidery applique onto a piece of clothing to make it personalized and unique. Adding applique to pieces such as plain t-shirts can really add that creative touch that makes a great gift during the holidays. Not only is it cheaper to make your own clothing pieces, you end up something that is exactly what you are looking for! Try an applique on dog clothing as well.
  2. Towels – From bath towels to dish towels, an embroidered applique can get the job done! Try monograming a bath towel for a personalized touch or create festive dish towels with a holiday applique.
  3. Pillows & Covers – Your pillow cases and covers don’t have to be plain when you add a little flair to them with an applique! Appliquéd pillows are especially great gifts but also a fun way to add to your own home decor.
  4. Tote Bags – Use a blank or patterned tote bag as a base with a cute and fun applique embroidered on top! Get creative and add elements such as names under your applique for an even more personalized touch.
  5. Aprons – We don’t think about them as often but aprons are still a thing – even more so if they are customized! Try adding an applique name or phrase to an apron to make it really stand out.
  6. Table Runners & Placemats – Don’t forget your kitchen when you embroider your next applique! Adding designs to plain runners and placemats is sure to make them the talk and highlight at your next dinner. 🙂
  7. Christmas Stockings – Customize your family’s stockings next Christmas with names or anything else you can think of to make them even more special!
  8. Baby Bibs – They may go through the wash often but that’s what’s great about embroidery applique – it can handle it! Make those bibs cute enough for your little one with your own appliquéd touch.
  9. Curtains – Try using a repeated applique such as vines or flowers for a unique trim to the bottom of your curtains.
  10. Christmas Tree Skirts – Use fun Christmas applique embroidery designs and shapes around the entirety of your tree skirt for an extra festive and unique decor piece!
  11.  Blankets – Create personalized applique blankets for anyone from people to pooches! Try adding a monogram or name to the corners for something minimal and cute at the same time.

How to Use Applique

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