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ITH Feltie Greeting Card Tutorial

ITH Feltie Greeting Card Tutorial

When it comes time to celebrate a birthday or holiday and I’m buying a card for someone, I’ve been noticing lately that it’s difficult to find the right one. They all just seem to blend together over the years and I feel like no card really stands out from another anymore. Then it hit me. Who says greeting cards are made of nothing but paper and words? Why not add a little “pop” and a unique touch to a¬†greeting card craft project with a cute ITH feltie?! So I set to it and realized how much fun I was missing out on! That’s right, from the embroidery hoop to paper, you can make a greeting card that is unlike any found at a store. ūüôā All you need is a feltie and your imagination to craft up something amazing that is sure to impress the recipient! And now for my¬†ITH Feltie Greeting Card Tutorial!

Recommended Materials:

  • Cardstock paper in desired colors
  • Fully stitched out ITH feltie
  • Large glue dots OR glue gun
  • Scrapbooking double sided tape strips or glue
  • Decorative twine thread
  • Foam 3D Dots

Step One:

ITH Feltie Greeting Card Tutorial

Choose your ITH feltie design and stitch it out as you normally would. The camper feltie design I am using may be found over on the Happily After Designs website here. Be sure to keep in mind the size of your card before choosing your feltie size as well. All of my felties come with three sizes and I used the “mini” sized feltie file which stitches the felties at about 1 1/2 inches. As a side note, a backing is not necessary for the greeting card felties but you are more than welcome to put one if you wish!

Step Two:

ITH Feltie Greeting Card Tutorial

Create your base card project. For mine, I used two pieces of cardstock paper – one white and one in brown. The white paper is cut to¬†10×7¬†inches¬†and folded in half length-wise to 5×7. The brown paper measures at about 4.5×6.5 inches¬†and is placed/secured with double sided tape directly in the center on the front of the folded white paper.

Step Three:

ITH Feltie Greeting Card Tutorial

Cut out six squares for your pennant banner triangles. My squares were cut out at about 1 inch in length and width. I used three different contrasting colors with two squares each in total but feel free to mix things up and cut them how you wish!

Step Four:

ITH Feltie Greeting Card Tutorial

Starting at the center of an edge of one of your squares, cut to a corner on the opposite end. Repeat and cut to the other corner on that same end to make a perfect triangle. Repeat this for all of your squares so that you have all of the pennant banner pieces you desire for your card.

Step Five:

ITH Feltie Greeting Card Tutorial

Cut a length of your decorative twine that reaches from one end of your inner card sheet (the brown paper piece) to the other with slack that allows for it to “swoop”. I cut my twine at about 6 inches or so. Glue the¬†ends of the twine to the edges of the inner paper and try to create a rounded arc while securing the rest of the twine along the way. Evenly space, place, and glue your pennant banner triangles in place on top of the twine.

Step Six:

ITH Feltie Greeting Card Tutorial

Create some card “extras” to add a little flair. I took a contrasting dark brown paper cut at the same dimensions as my inner card piece (4.5×6.5) and further cut it with a wavy motion to resemble hills. I then adhered the piece to the front of the card with double sided tape, lining it up perfectly with the lighter brown paper underneath.

Step Seven:

ITH Feltie Greeting Card Tutorial

I repeated the previous step with another contrasting sheet of cardstock paper, making sure the wavy design was slightly different so that both of the hill designs will be seen. This time, however, instead of using double sided tape I opted for 3D foam dot pieces so that this piece will “pop” out!

Step Eight:

ITH Feltie Greeting Card Tutorial

Place second hill piece with the 3D foam dots directly on top of the first hill, lining everything up with the inner card piece.

Step Nine:ITH Feltie Greeting Card Tutorial

Add your finishing touches to the card – including attaching the feltie! I attached the feltie on the first layer of the hills with a large glue dot so that it looks to be rolling along the top hill piece. Also, I used an archival ink pen to draw little swirls and dots onto the card and I cut out a banner for the top with a fun quote to go along with it. To tie everything up, I placed a cute little bow in the top corner as well!

I hope you enjoyed my¬†ITH feltie greeting card tutorial and decide to make a few cards yourself – the possibilities are always so vast¬†when it comes to using these little felties and endless amounts of creativity and fun are ready to be had! ūüôā

ITH Feltie Greeting Card Tutorial


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